10.27.2017 Linkin Park and Friends Concert, Linkin Park
10.10.2017 Thor: Ragnarok Premiere Live Stream, Marvel
9.17.2017 Emmy Awards Red Carpet Live, People/Entertainment Weekly
6.28.2017 Spider-Man Homecoming Premiere, Marvel
6.24.2017 Power; Cast Chat, Starz
5.20.2017 The Mummy Cast Chat, Universal
5.18.2017 Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Premiere, Disney
5.8.2017 Blade Runner Cast Chat, Warner Bros.
3.6.2017 Beauty and the Beast Cast Chat, Disney
3.2.2017 Beauty and the Beast Red Carpet Premiere LIVE, Disney
2.26.2017 Oscars Red Carpet, Yahoo
2.12.2017 Grammys Red Carpet Live Stream, Billboard/Twitter
1.8.2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet, Entertainment Weekly


12.10.2016 Rouge One: A Star Wars Story Red Carpet, Disney
10.13.2016 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them; Cast Chat, Warner Bros.
10.5.2016 Mel Brooks / Young Frankenstein Event, 20th Century Fox
9.19.2016 Queen of Katwe Cast Chat, Disney
9.18.2016 68th Emmy Awards Red Carpet, Yahoo
7.2.2016 Slander + NIGHTMRE Concert, Yahoo/Live Nation
6.8.2016 Central Intelligence Cast Chat, Warner Bros.
5.21.2016 Amon Amarth Concert, Yahoo/Live Nation
4.22.2016 Julieta Venegas Concert, Yahoo/Live Nation
3.20.2016 Leon Bridges Concert, Yahoo/Live Nation
3.10.2016 The Wild Feathers Concert, Yahoo/Live Nation
3.2.2016 Matisyahu Concert, Yahoo/Live Nation
2.15.2016 58th Grammy Awards Red Carpet, CBS
2.5.2016 Super Bowl Pre-Show Event, Pepsi
1.30.2016 STS9 Concert, Yahoo/Live Nation
1.28.2016 Saving Abel Concert, Yahoo/Live Nation
1.20.2016 Never Shout Never Concert, Yahoo/Live Nation



12.18.2015 Chris Brown Concert, Yahoo/Live Nation
12.14.2015 Star Wars: Force Awakens Red Carpet, LucasFilm/Disney
11.30.2015 Silverstein, Yahoo/Live Nation
11.28.2015 Joy Cast Chat, 20th Century Fox
10.19.2015 Dave Gahan & Soulsavers Concert, Yahoo/Live Nation
10.4.2015 The Word Concert, Yahoo/Live Nation
9.28.2015 Imagine Dragons Concert, Yahoo/Live Nation
9.20.2015 Bowling for Soup Concert, Yahoo/Live Nation
9.3.2015 Disney Unboxing Event: Countdown to Force, LucasFilm/Disney
8.20.2015 Thompson Square Concert, Yahoo/Live Nation
8.11.2015 Straight Outta Compton Cast Chat, Universal Pictures
8.2.2015 KCON LA, Powerhouse
7.5.2015 Toad the Wet Sprocket Concert, Summerfest 2015
7.4.2015 Sammy Hagar Concert, Summerfest 2015
7.3.2015 The Doobie Brothers Concert, Summerfest 2015
7.2.2015 Kenny Wayne Shep Concert, Summerfest 2015
7.1.2015 Phil Vassar Concert, Summerfest 2015
6.30.2015 PPL, MVR Concert, Summerfest 2015
6.28.2015 Andy Grammar Concert, Summerfest 2015
6.27.2015 Third Eye Blind, Summerfest 2015
6.26.2015 Pepper Concert, Summerfest 2015
6.25.2015 Kings of Leon Concert, Summerfest 2015
6.24.2015 Dirty Heads Concert, Summerfest 2015
6.14.2015 LA Pride Parade, Christopher Street West
6.13.2015 Steven Wilson, Yahoo/Live Nation
6.1.2015 Starsailor Concert, Yahoo!/Live Nation
5.30.2015 Randy Bachman Concert, Yahoo!/Live Nation
5.19.2015 San Andreas Cast Chat, Warner Brothers
5.17.2015 Mad Men Cast Chat, The Television Academy
5.16.2015 Lord Huron Concert, Yahoo!/Live Nation
5.8.2015 Pitch Perfect 2 Premiere, Universal Studios
4.25.2015 Kaiser Chiefs Concert, Yahoo!/Live Nation
4.23.2015 College Television Awards, The Television Academy
4.21.2015 GEM Concert, Yahoo!/Live Nation
4.16.2015 Star Wars Celebration, LucasFilm
4.13.2015 Dwight Yoakam Concert, Yahoo!/Live Nation
4.4.2015 The Maine Concert, Yahoo!/Live Nation
4.2.2015 Furious 7 Red Carpet Premiere, Universal Studios
3.17.2015 An Evening with The Women of American Horror Stories, The Television Academy
2.21.2015 Spirit Awards Live Carpet Show, Film Independent
2.8.2015 Grammy Awards Carpet Show, CBS
2.5.2015 Imagine Dragons Concert, Yahoo!/Live Nation
1.31.2015 Trobador Concert, Yahoo!/Live Nation
1.30.2015 Superbowl Pre-Game Show: The Soup, E! Network
1.28.2015 An Evening with Norman Lear, The Television Academy
1.25.2015 Spandau Ballet Concert, Yahoo!/Live Nation
1.21.2015 Boyhood Cast Chat, Yahoo!
1.20.2015 Guster Concert, Yahoo!/Live Nation
1.11.2015 Golden Globes Carpet Show, Yahoo!


12.21.2014 Save The Day Concert, Yahoo!/Live Nation
12.17.2014 Brian Setzer Orchestra, Yahoo!/Live Nation
12.15.2014 The Fosters Cast Chat, The Television Academy
12.9.2014 In Flames Concert, Yahoo!/Live Nation
12.7.2014 Trevor Project, Yahoo!
12.4.2014 Iggy Azalea Concert, Yahoo!
11.22.2014 Into The Woods Cast Chat, Walt Disney Studios
11.17.2014 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 Premiere, Lionsgate & Yahoo!
11.5.2014 Nickelback Concert, Yahoo!/Live Nation
11.1.2014 New Found Glory Concert, Yahoo!/Live Nation
10.28.2014 Live Concert, Yahoo!/Live Nation
10.18.2014 Cherub Concert, Yahoo!/Live Nation
10.12.2014 LeCrae Concert, Yahoo!/Live Nation
10.10.2014 Pretty Reckless Concert, Yahoo!/Live Nation
10.8.2014 Imelda May Concert, Yahoo!/Live Nation
10.3.2014 Bombay Bicycle Club Concert, Yahoo!/Live Nation
9.15.2014 Fall Season Preview 2014, Television Academy
8.25.2014 66th Primetime Emmy Awards, Yahoo! & Television Academy
8.19.2014 Sin City 2 Premiere, The Weinstein Company
6.25.2014 Big Brother Pre-Premiere, CBS
6.8.2014 LA Pride Parade, LA Pride Organization
5.28.2014 Edge of Tomorrow World Premiere Event, Warner Brothers
4.8.2014 Areosmith Concert, Live Nation
3.18.2014 Divergent Premiere, Yahoo!
3.7.2014 The Single Moms Club Cast Chat, Lionsgate
2.19.2014 Need for Speed Cast Chat, Disney
1.26.2014 Grammy Awards Red Carpet, Entertainment Tonight
1.23.2014 Gig of a Lifetime Concert Event, CBS
1.11.2014 Outlander Cast Chat, Starz
1.5.2014 August: Osage County Cast Chat, The Weinstein Company



12.15.2013 Survivor: Blood vs Water Finale Live Event, CBS
12.5.2013 Mac Miller Concert, Myspace
12.4.2013 IGA¹s 2013, Machinima
12.2.2013 The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Premiere, Warner Brothers
11.25.2013 August: Osage County Cast Chat NYC, The Weinstein Company
11.18.2013 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Premiere, Lionsgate & Yahoo!
11.13.2013 Divergent Virtual Chat, Summit
11.11.2013 August: Osage County Cast Chat LA, The Weinstein Company
11.9.2013 Man of Steel DVD Event, Warner Brothers
11.6.2013 Delivery Man Cast Chat, Disney
11.4.2013 The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Worldwide Fan Event, Warner Brothers
9.22.2013 65th Primetime Emmy Awards Red Carpet, CBS
8.26.2013 One Direction: This is Us Premiere, Yahoo!
8.1.2013 Bud Light Music First’s 50/50/1 Concert Series, Myspace
7.18.2013 65th Primetime Emmy Nominations Announcement, Yahoo!
6.22.2013 Lone Ranger Premiere, Disney
6.10.2013 Man of Steel Premiere, Warner Brothers
5.20.2013 Hangover 3 Premiere, Warner Brothers
5.7.2013 Fast & Furious 6 Premiere, Universal Studios
4.29.2013 Jessica Sanchez Concert, LoveLive
4.24.2013 Iron Man 3 Premiere, Yahoo!
4.15.2013 Oblivion Q & A with Tom Cruise, Universal Studios & IMAX
4.11.2013 Scary Movie 5 Premiere, The Weinstein Company
2.24.2013 Oscars Viewing Party, Yahoo!
2.21.2013 Nick Cave Concert, LoveLive
2.7-10.2013 Grammy Awards 2013 Red Carpet, CBS
1.22.2013 Spartacus Q & A and Premiere, Starz Entertainment
1.13.2013 Argo Cast Chat, Warner Brothers
1.11.2013 Silver Linings Playbook Cast Chat, The Weinstein Company


12.8.2012 Inside Gaming Awards 2012, Machinima
11.27.2012 The Hobbit Premiere, Warner Brothers
11.8-12.2012 Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere, Yahoo!
10.16.12 Ellie Goulding Concert, LoveLive
10.15.12 Fight Q & A, Paramount
9.24-11.26.2012 Dancing With The Stars: After Party, ABC
9.23.2012 Primetime Emmy Awards 2012 Red Carpet, Yahoo!
8.7.2012 This is 40 Trailer Launch, Universal Studios
7.12.2012 Duets: After Party, ABC
6.8.2012 Rock of Ages Premiere, Warner Brothers
5.14.2012 Blizzard Diablo III Launch Event, Machinima
5.10.2012 Battleship Premiere, Universal Pictures
3.13.2012 Avril Lavigne Concert, Just Fabulous
3.12.2012 Hunger Games Premiere, Yahoo! & Lionsgate
2.29.2012 Project X Premiere Party, Warner Brothers
2.26.2012 Oscars Pre-Show 2012, DB Group
2.14.2012 Good Deeds Premiere, Lionsgate
1.6.2012 The Artist Q & A, The Weinstein Company



12.15.2011 Karmen Concert CD Launch, Sony
12.10.2011 Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Virtual Press Junket, Sony
12.9.2011 Inside Gaming Awards 2011, Machinima
12.5.2011 New Year’s Eve Premiere, Warner Brothers
11.21-23.2011 Katy Perry 3D Concert, AEG Network Live
11.10-14.2011 Twilight: Breaking Dawn Premiere, Yahoo!
10.29-30.2011 MTV Dance Marathon, MTV
9.28.2011 Anonymous Cast Chat, Sony
9.15.2011 Abduction Premiere, Lionsgate
9.8.2011 Macy’s Fashion’s Night Out 2011, Macy’s & JWT
6.6-8.2011 E3 Insider 2011, Game Pro Media
5.19.2011 Hangover 2 Premiere, Warner Brothers
4.20.2011 Madea¹s Big Happy Family Tyler Perry Chat, Lionsgate
4.11.2011 Scream 4 Premiere, Dimension
4.9.2011 Catch Con 2011, Discovery
3.29-30.2011 Toyota Prius Event, Saatchi & Saatchi
2.25.2011 Spirit Awards Red Carpet 2011, Film Independent
1.29.2011 Kelogg’s Crunchy Nut Launch Event, UStream
1.11.2011 Green Hornet Premiere, Sony


12.13.1010 How Do You Know Premiere, Sony
12.10.2010 Inside Gaming Awards 2010, Machinima
11.15.2010 Burlesque Premiere, Sony
10.26.2010 Selena Gomez Concert, CAA
10.13.2010 Jackass 3D Premiere, Myspace
9.13.2010 Fox Fall Party, FOX
9.7.2010 Glee Season 2 Premiere, FOX Television
8.29.2010 Primetime Emmy Awards Red Carpet 2010, NBC
8.8.2010 Teen Choice Awards Red Carpet, FOX Television
8.4.2010 Takers Premiere, Sony
8.3.2010 Expendables Premiere, Myspace
7.27.2010 Step Up 3D & FloRida Concert, Myspace & Summit
7.23.2010 Spartacus Chat at Comic Con, Starz Entertainment
6.24.2010 Twilight: Eclipse Premiere, Summit Entertainment
6.1.2010 True Blood Cast Chat, HBO
5.25.2010 Get Him to the Greek Premiere, Universal Pictures
5.17.2010 Prince of Persia Premiere, Disney
5.16.2010 Shrek 4 Premiere, Universal Pictures
5.15.2010 Wonder Girls Concert, UStream
5.1.2010 Deadliest Catch Fan Event
4.19.2010 Kenny Chesney 3D Summer Premiere, Sony
4.12.2010 Kick-Ass Premiere, UStream
3.13.2010 The Last Song Cast Chat, Disney
3.7.2010 Oscar Red Carpet 2010, ABC
3.6.2010 Spirit Awards Red Carpet 2010, Dick Clark Productions
2.19.2010 Almost Alice Concert, Disney
1.28.2010 Dip Dive Black Eyed Peas Concert, Kevin Frasier Productions
1.17.2010 Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet 2010, Dick Clark Productions



12.14.2009 Avatar Premiere, 20th Century FOX
11.22.2009 American Music Awards Red Carpet 2009, Dick Clark Productions
11.16.2009 Twilight: New Moon Premiere, Summit Entertainment
10.26.2009 This is It Premiere, Sony


12.11.2008 Marley & Me Premiere, 20th Century FOX
12.8.2008 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Premiere, Paramount
10.20.2008 Zack and Miri Premiere Red Carpet, The Weinstein Company


Prior to 2008

Chicago Bears, FOX Sports
Democratic National Convention, MSNBC
Horse Racing, ESPN
Government Broadcasts, CSPAN